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Get Your Topsoil
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Get Your Topsoil and Mulch Here

Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting sells and delivers topsoil and mulch in Rockwood, PA. We offer our high-quality topsoil and bark mulch to purchase in-store or to have delivered to your construction site. Contact Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting today at 814-926-2120 for information on our topsoil and mulch and where we deliver.

What is Topsoil, and Why Do I Need It?

Topsoil is the layer of soil at the top of the earth. That is a straightforward explanation for a very useful mound of dirt. Topsoil is the layer of soil that is stripped from the top during construction projects and filtered to a consistent texture. This layer of soil is often used to even the area of construction processes and is called fill dirt. It is the perfect soil for use in landscaping projects.

Our topsoil goes through a thorough filtering process to remove debris and maintain smoothness. When you purchase topsoil from Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting, you can rest easy knowing your topsoil is high-quality. Contact us today to get your hands on the best topsoil in Rockwood, PA.

Bark Mulch for Soil Protection

Mulch is a layer of matter placed on garden soil or lawn soil to limit elemental intrusion on plants. A good mulch can be the difference between extreme heat or cold destroying plants and gardens. Bark mulch is a layer of shredded wood pieces that protect the topsoil laid underneath. One spreads it across the ground or area using bark mulch, roughly one to two inches deep.

The application of bark mulch is simple, but the benefits make it well worth using. Mulch limits evaporation and maintains the correct level of moisture for more extended periods. Mulch can also prevent weeds from growing by trapping weed seeds. We sell all of our mulch in-store but can quickly deliver to our customers, too.

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