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Land Clearing

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Clearing Land in Rockwood, PA, Since 1964

Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting offers land clearing in Rockwood, PA, and Somerset County. From housing and buildings to smaller projects, we clear land and set foundations of all types. Whether you need to clear land for a pool, deck, or a house, trust Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting.

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Clear Out Your Land to Make Room for Something Amazing

Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting clears out areas for future projects and structures to be built. We take all the fuss out of clearing and preparing your property for new additions. We can make your land ready for new facilities with our mixture of top-quality equipment, knowledge, and experience. But we do not stop at just clearing the land. We can fully prepare the area with a foundation and roads for access.

Laying Foundation Footers for Future Projects

Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting will lay the foundation to make your dream project a reality. Once we clear out the land, we start with a foundation footer. Foundation footers are often the first element of any quality building or structure. Foundation footers for your project will often be the first contact between the frame and the earth. The primary function of the footer is to spread the weight of the structure out past the foundation. With a solid footer in place, your foundation will be stable.

Road Building for Easy Access to Your Property

Once you have your land cleared and your foundation laid, you will want easy access to the area. We build or repair roads to make accessing that new property an absolute breeze. There is no good reason to have a property if nobody has access to it. Build a road with Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting today to make your project more accessible.

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Meade M Meyers Excavating & Contracting provides excavating services to Rockwood, PA, and the surrounding areas